About Roberto Domingues - Fotógrafo de casamento, Ensaios e Eventos em Las Vegas - NV

About me

Nice to meet you, I'm Roberto!

I was born and raised in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and one day I decided to leave the Beaches and Rich Nature for the Desert and I miss it since the first month I've been here hahaha... But living here has always been my dream and it has been so worth it.

In March 2012, photography abducted me and changed my life, literally giving me wings. I've been in Las Vegas since May/2016 and so far, I've done more than 300 photo sessions in and around the city.

The purpose of my work is to record all the feeling, joy, beauty and love of a moment. For me, each shoot is unique and I try to extract as much truth and naturalness from the people I photograph as possible.

I'm not that photographer who stays in the corner pretending to be invisible, my portfolio is filled with lively and relaxed photos, after all that's how I am and besides… This is Vegas Baby!